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After being the mascots of one of the most well-known consumer electronics brands, Nipper & Chipper the 2 Iconic dogs, now embody their very own and unique brand dedicated to their fellow pets and highly infused with love and care.

History & Heritage

It all began with Nipper authentic story, the dog who was propelled from stray to fame thanks to a picture painted by his adopter. This painting has made Nipper an icon in some spheres like the music industry and the consumer electronics worldwide.

RCA adventure

The story continued when Chipper the sweet puppy was adopted to accompany Nipper in the RCA adventure, with a fresh, playful and curious outlook on life.

That’s how, together, they have become RCA dogs, the mascots of RCA, one of the most well-known consumer electronics brands in the world.

Who we are

Together we are the duet of Magic Dogs bridging generations of pets and pets’ lovers, whether baby boomers, millennials, teenagers and even younger.
As we know pets’ love knows no barriers.

The 2 Magic Dogs’ brand is now the advocating voice for pets and pets’ lovers.







Our philosophy

As pets make the world better, we aim at making pets’ life better. Pets are forever friends, so inspiring in their loyalty that’s why we believe it’s time to take the love of your pets to a whole new level.

Our mission

Pets’ care and well-being is our leitmotiv, driving our brand mission full width, all with quality, innovation, care and generosity through a whole universe made for all pets’ happiness.

Nipper & Chipper,
your creative brand partner

for new generations of pet products.

Explore our main categories


For pets who enjoy to explore outdoors in security and need to be equipped with proper accessories.


For pets who love that little bath and body-care routine to always feel fresh like a million bucks.


For pets who don’t mind a little dress to stay home comfy or to go for a walk to the park.

Food and treats

For pets who know that what makes happy belly can also rhyme with tasty and healthy.

Home comfort

For pets who appreciate a comfy and design furniture for napping times, lunch and all indoors activities.


For pets who need to expand their energy into playfulness and cheerful activities.

Speaking of experts,
let’s meet OUR team

Business team

The virtuoso of business talks who negociate brand licensing agreements resulting in tens of exclusive partnerships across all continents.

Legal team

IP and laws scholars in charge of brands registration and protection as well as all in and out contracts, on a worldwide scale.

Quality team

Specialists ensuring that products and services meet quality standards and requirements, with high levels of control, and processes implementations.

Marketing team

Experts who voice our brands uniqueness with optimal strategies and means to communicate brands values and identities in all markets.

Design team

The think tank with high creativity and vision to bring to life all projects into tailor made brilliant, functional and aesthetic materialization

Numbers speak better
than words

Our dedicated team

Pet product market
source : www.gminsights.com


years in Trademark Licensing Business.


in Top 150 worldwide Licensors in 2021.


international brands.


sales in 2021.


CAGR yoy up to 2027.


2027 worldwide value.


2020 pet food ww value.


USA share of ww pet market.

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